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Jura Coffee Machine Reviews: Best Espresso Machines

Are you searching for a modern and versatile coffee maker? Do you need more high-quality options among those available on the market to consider?

With today’s Jura coffee machine reviews, you will have another chance to know more about one of the most popular coffee machine brands at present! Without any further ado, let’s scroll down!

Who Are Jura And What Makes Them Stand Out?

First of all, let’s talk about Jura’s identity! Who are they? There is Jura, or Jura Elektroapparate AG – a Swiss household appliance distributor and developer. At this point, the company is best well-known for its fully automatic coffee makers.

If you’ve heard about the country of Switzerland, you must know this country is famous for its delicate design of machine and appliance, from watches to espresso machines. Yeah! No wonder why Jura has its design complimented.

Jura automatic espresso makers


Outstanding features, high-end tech applied, and a strong focus on the machine’s design help them conquer even the toughest customers. Currently, Jura’s automatic espresso makers are internationally renowned, which is why it must be worth your consideration.

Alright, it’s time to discover what their detailed features are and what brings about their irresistible attraction. You’re all ready?

Jura Coffee Machine Reviews

The Design

Time to give it a Wow! We need to say that the brand tried its best in maximizing the simplicity in operating the machine. For instance, its filter cartridge and the automatic espresso maker are mutually wirelessly connected thanks to its Radio frequency identification technology. Thanks to this evolution, Jura machines can define the filter, as well as pick appropriate settings. 

When you first look at Jura, we think you’re also stunned by its modernness and delicateness. Swiss tech and design won’t ever dissatisfy us! High-quality components, together with clear, expressive lines, high precision, make Jura become a pleasure to the touch! Truly!


That’s not everything to admire. Let’s come to the coffee machine’s size! Jura differs in various sizes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a suitable one for your kitchen’s corner, there are a bunch of options in Jura for you! The simplest and also the smallest machine is The ENA Micro 1. Its size is just 9.1×12.7×17.5 inches (width x height x depth). And the biggest can be up to 12.6W x 16.3H x 19.6D!!!

Jura Giga 5 Coffee Machine


Drink Settings

Even though Jura offers its customer a huge range of choices for beverages, it’s important to define which type of drink you’re into. Every model of Jura allows you to make espresso, coffee, and even ristretto. So, in case you’re a fan of these listed, it’s gonna be fine!

However, if your desires are cappuccinos, macchiatos, or other special complicated types of drink, choose a high-end model of Jura. The more simple Jura’s model is, the less complicated its coffee is. So, be a smart consumer! With a high-end one, you can get up to 17 different drink settings for the best drink of your life!

Strength Options

It’s completely flexible for you to pick the desired strength for every favorite cup of coffee. Normally, customers are into Jura machines with from 3 to 8 settings.

Remember that the more settings you want to apply to the coffee bean you brew, the more advanced and high-end your Jura model is.

Touchscreen Control

The feature of touchscreen control, unfortunately, also appears in later models of Jura. Their very first model is rather simple and is equipped with button controls. On the other hand, their advanced models are already improved with touchscreen technology.


JURA S8 Coffee Machine


Nowadays, as a fan of technology, you may immediately fall in love with the Jura coffee machines’ touchscreen control board. It is easy to use, control, and follow the process of making espresso.

Milk Frother

No need for another electronic device for making topping on your kitchen’s counter anymore! Equip yourself with a Jura espresso machine with a built-in milk frother. Not only can you invent your own tasty foam by frothing milk, but you can also use it as decorations and topping on your cup of beverages.

Self-cleaning Ability

Okay! Now, let’s move onto another feature, which receives a lot of attention from wives! It’s a self-cleaning function. If you’re wondering if Jura has this smart function or not, the answer will be “yes” and “no”! Why?

Alright, you don’t need to worry about leftover materials or milk inside your beloved modern coffee machine! It’s because the self-cleaning mode is already included in the advanced models of Jura!

Yeah! Just press a button and let the machine do the whole “washing machine” thing for you! Unfortunately, this great movement isn’t included in the earlier simple models of Jura.

Jura Coffee Machine Reviews: Pros And Cons


  • Delicate design
  • High-quality material
  • Simple to operate
  • Various strength options and grinder types
  • Different size to choose
  • Radio Frequency identification technology


  • High price
  • Some advanced features only available in high-end models

Who Should Buy Jura Coffee Machines?

For anyone interested in coffee making and those who are eager to own a modern tool to make your own “cool” coffee, Jura is highly-recommended! With different products, designs, sizes, and functions from simple to more complex, this brand will offer customers at different levels the smartest choice.


Jura is so famous worldwide that we have no doubts about its quality. The manufacturer provides customers with a premium bean-to-cup coffee machine with various outstanding models. Designs and their excellent features score a high point in people’s eyes!

We think there is a lot more about Jura that you can explore from now on. And with today’s Jura coffee machine reviews, we hope you find it useful. Good luck with your choices!

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