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French Press vs Coffee Maker: Which One is Better Suited to Your Needs

If you are a beginner at coffee, a massive decision to make your daily preferred coffee at home is important. The two most common methods are to use a French press or an automatic coffee machine. There is a wide range of factors to consider about french press vs coffee maker. 

Coffee has unquestionably experienced a convinced regeneration worldwide, and remarkably within America. It has stably developed during the last 2 decades and has provided us plentiful experiences and tastes in coffee. 

Both French press and coffee maker are beneficial in distinctive applications. The differences will indicate what kind of person you are, what your preferences are, and how you want your coffee to drink. 

Understanding your issues, we provide you this article to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Frieling Stainless Steel French press vs Ninja coffee maker so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing. Let’s get started. 

French Press vs Coffee Maker

The selection between a French press and a drip coffee maker has been a controversy for years. The choice depends on a person’s preferences and demands. According to your preferred coffee, location, or lifestyle, you should rely on them and decide among French press vs coffee maker. It may be time-consuming when choosing the right one. However, with our reviews, you can easily solve the problem. 

A French press is an uncomplicated appliance that has been invented for decades. Although it does not require electricity, it is an excellent method to make coffee. All you need to know is how to properly grind coffee beans and boil water. This technique of creating coffee will take more time and attention. 

On the other side, a coffee maker is known as a drip coffee machine which is powered by electricity and normally automated. So you do not have to boil water individually as the machine takes care of it for you. You have to grind coffee or you can purchase pre-ground coffee to use the maker. Besides, you also do not require to buy coffee filters, dissimilar with a French press. This is a good selection for those who do not have much time to make coffee traditionally.

If you go for a French press, you will possess more control on numerous sides of the brewing process. Furthermore, a French press does not require to be plugged in an outlet to link electricity, it is very portable. The coffee beans are roughly grounded compared to a coffee maker. Another excellent benefit of a French press is saving your money. As the French press’s filter is built-in and made of metal. The press is normally cheaper than a coffee machine.

An automatic coffee maker also has lots of benefits, especially if you want to quickly make coffee. These machines can brew a glass of coffee within a few minutes. If you are living a busy and rushed lifestyle and need quick morning coffee, this machine will definitely be a lifesaver. With a coffee maker, you can make about 12 cups of coffee brewed in a couple of minutes. This device makes coffee quickly and you do not have to pay much attention as it is automated to make you enough coffee in every brewing process. 

Product Range Comparison

The Frieling USA Stainless Steel French Press and the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed Coffee Maker

There are several differences between French press vs coffee maker that we will tell you now. Let’s take a look at these points in detail.

The brewing technique and time

The greatest difference between the French press vs coffee maker is the brewing technique. 

● The Frieling USA Stainless Steel French Press assists you to brew coffee across an activity called steeping. It is one of the easiest methods to make coffee. You need to blend hot water with crushed coffee, and then detach the brewed liquid from the coffee grounds.

The outcome is a wealthy, strong, and savory coffee. Nonetheless, this technique also has a disadvantage to the steeping tactic. If you press down the plunger too long, you will receive a bitter glass of coffee.

On the contrary, if you separate the coffee grounds too speedily, you will attain a weak coffee quality. Making coffee by a French press is a problem of error and trial, and it might take time before you can create the best cup and prevent the most prevalent French press faults every newbie does.

Frieling USA Double-Walled Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker

Frieling USA Double-Walled Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker

● The Ninja hot and cold-brew system contributes to your kitchen a full equipment cafe. It supports you brew coffee across the procedure of drip filtration. Drip percolation offers you a great cup of coffee every time rather than steeping. 

These two types of coffee makers are also different in brewing time. A drip coffee maker is slower than a French press. It takes about 4 to 10 minutes to make a glass of coffee and you also have to wait for the machine to heat up before brewing coffee, while a French press just has exactly 5 minutes to bring you a tasty cup of coffee. 


A huge comparison of French press vs coffee maker is the flavors. 

● The natural oil in coffee beans will be completely extracted by the Frieling French press appliance. The coffee grounds can mix longer with hot water. This will create more flavors and bring you a full-bodied glass of coffee. 

● On the contrary, the Ninja coffee maker provides you a gentle brew. As the paper filters utilized in this tool absorb coffee oils. In case you seek a coffee taste with more flavors, then you should go for a Frieling French press. 

● Researchers have indicated a connection between coffee oils and raised cholesterol levels. Drinking coffee made by the French press will make cholesterol levels increase, while a coffee maker does not. 


Another difference between the French press vs coffee maker. You may get an excellent French press ranging from $10 to $70, meanwhile, a good coffee maker will vary within $20 to $300. Although the two products we recommend above are expensive, you will get what you pay for. 

Normally, a French press will be cheaper than a drip coffee maker. A French press is manually operated while a coffee maker is totally automated. 

Number of Cups

Both Frieling French press vs Ninja coffee maker has a good capacity to ensure you have enough coffee produced at a time. These two models will offer you about 10 cups of coffee in every single use. Nevertheless, relying on the size, several drip coffee maker appliances can provide you at least 12 cups. 

If you wish to produce a massive quantity of coffee for your large family, then a Ninja coffee maker is an ideal choice. Making coffee with the Frieling French press may be troublesome in this situation.

The Ninja coffee maker has a heat plate that maintains the coffee warm for a long time. A lone brew can last for a few hours. In the Frieling French press, you have to immediately drink your coffee. So with the convenience of the Ninja coffee maker, it is the reason why it often appears in most offices. 

This video will show you the differences in the coffee of French press vs coffee maker, so you can learn how to use them properly: Video link

Frieling French Press vs Ninja Coffee Maker: Who Wins?

To decide between French press vs coffee maker (1) is quite difficult, right? These two models of French press and coffee maker we recommend for you today are great to take into consideration. However, Ninja coffee maker is the overall winner of our French press vs coffee maker comparison. 

The Ninja hot and cold-brewed system brings enough equipment for you to make coffee at home. Those who are coffee and tea lovers will be surprised by the versatility of this machine. It can brew a large range of coffees, teas, as well as cold brews. With this appliance, you can make more complicated coffee brews at home.

Using Ninja coffee maker, you will get the ultimate natural oils in the coffee beans which are primarily responsible for the coffee’s flavors. However, this method requires much time to make coffee. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the brewing process.

If you decide to purchase a coffee maker, it will bring you lots of benefits. A drip coffee machine is also more prevalent compared to the French press. It is automatically operated so you do not have to pay strict attention while it is brewing. If you care about the levels of cholesterol, you should definitely go for a coffee maker.

This is because a drip coffee machine produces the absolute natural oils in the coffee beans, so if you want to taste the original flavor of coffee, these machines are ideal. Besides, a coffee maker can also produce a large amount of coffee depending on their sizes. So they are perfect for a large family. 

On the other hand, we think a French press, particularly a Frieling French press would be suitable for those who are living a busy and rushed lifestyle. It is also portable so you can bring it anywhere with you such as camping or partying.

The greatest benefit of a French press is that it allows users to create a glass of coffee depending on their preferred taste. You can change the quantity of time that coffee grounds are soaked, the kind of sizes of grounds utilized, the heat of the water, and other factors. 

So which one do you think is better: Frieling French press vs Ninja coffee maker? This is all about the comparison of the French press vs coffee maker we provide for you today. Hope this post is helpful for you. Tell us your thoughts and comments about our article and hope you can soon pick one of those two to purchase. Cheers.