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Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews 2020 – What is the Best Home Carpet Cleaner?

These best carpet cleaners can change the way you see your home. They’re of great value, for large area rugs, for thick carpets, and for daily use. With excellent and fast deep cleaning action, carpet cleaners are quick to use.

They use steam and heat to lift and disentangle the dirtiest of carpets. So that after it’s all done, your carpet smells, looks, and feels as good as new. The necessity of a carpet cleaner is more urgent if you have pets around.

In that case, you need a fast, powerful, and energy-efficient carpet cleaner. But you can’t spot clean every inch of your carpet by hand. It’s exhausting, time-consuming, and ineffective.

So for people with allergies and children, a carpet cleaner is essential. Like the ones I recommend you to pick below.

Best Carpet Cleaner Reviews 2020:

1. BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell ProHeat Revolution Carpet Cleaner uses steam to deep clean carpets. It has both a steam and dry cleaning system. It’s a solid home machine that makes carpet cleaning super easy.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Carpet Cleaner
BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Carpet Cleaner


  • No frills but accurate features for deep cleaning.
  • Max and express cleaning modes are quick.
  • It lifts and heats the carpet fibers to clean.


  • The machine feels a bit bulky.
  • It is slightly loud.

This carpet cleaner will instantly feel at home. It’s easy to use with functional features. Steam cleaning has two modes – Max and Express. The Max mode gets rid of allergens, dirt impurities, stains, and pet hair. It gets the carpet a little wetter but that dries off quickly.

The Express mode is for you if you like to get things done quickly. The Express clean mode cleans and dries within 30 minutes. It can tackle the deepest and dirtiest carpets. Afterward, your carpet smells clean and fresh and feels really soft.

This is an excellent carpet cleaner as it prolongs the texture of a carpet.  So it lasts for a long time and feels as good as brand new.

2. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

A carpet cleaner machine that’s portable to use is very important to some homeowners. And the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is one such best carpet cleaner. It’s high-rated because it does the job quickly and effectively.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner


  • Excellent maneuverability and ease of use.
  • Lightweight, portable, and compact.
  • Strong suction and cleaning ability.


  • The detergent/waste reservoir is small.

This is one of those machines that feel powerful as you use it. As you’re walking around on the carpet, you feel the machine’s scrubbing and power. This just means it’s a strong, reliable, and consistent carpet cleaner machine.

It has a quick drying feature that won’t leave any dampness behind. The dual cross-action brushes do a really great job at scrubbing. This lifts and disentangles really hard and stubborn dirt. It even has an upholstery attachment that improves upon the accurate cleaning ability of the strong suction power.

Including dirt, stones, dander, hair, pet hair, etc. It gets rid of most residues that are a part of your carpet. But that isn’t supposed to be, right? Allow this best carpet cleaner to take care of that for you.

3. Hoover Smartwash FH52000 Automatic Carpet Cleaner

If you’re looking for an effective and functional carpet cleaner, this is it. The Hoover Smartwash is a popular brand name for modern carpet cleaners. Especially this automatic carpet cleaner combines power and value.

Hoover Smartwash FH52000 Automatic Carpet Cleaner


  • Easy and functional one-hand operation.
  • Large dirt reservoir with a removable nozzle.
  • Low-profile, portable, and compact.


  • The cord is a bit short.

The Hoover is a smart-looking carpet cleaner. It works on full-sized carpets easily. It gets rid of tough stains, dense pet hair, and dirt impurities. It’s big but manageable enough to do quick jobs. The powerfully functional FlexForce Powerbrushes ace deep cleaning too.

This automatic carpet cleaner eliminates both odor and stains. It offers a fresher and cleaner appearance to dusty and old carpets. The most standout feature is the automatic cleaning feature. It knows what your carpet needs to look new again.

The heat force of the suction power is thorough at cleaning thick carpets. It promises a faster drying time too. But it does more than dry slightly moist carpets. It goes all the way to eliminate any residue dirt purities stuck between the fibers.

4. Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

If you’d like a compact and efficient carpet cleaner, the Hoover PowerDash is reliable. It gives you twice the cleaning power than standard carpet cleaners. It’s smooth, consistent, and valuable. The reason to buy it is to improve the quality of your carpet.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner


  • Wide cleaning path and nozzle.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  • No noise or rattling sound on high setting.


  • The reservoir is too small.

The Hoover PowerDash is a pet carpet cleaner. Perfect for living room carpets that get the most traffic. The carpet is dirty, stinky, and is home to embedded hair and debris. This carpet cleaner uses a powerful suction. It gets to the deepest spots without faltering.

The way it gets rid of odor, stains, and pet or human hair is amazing. It does a skilled job at offering long-lasting cleaning results. The lightweight and compact body make the machine portable. You can assemble it yourself, clean without forcefully pushing it around, and store it.

This poses one small problem being that the water reservoir is small. But it is comfortable enough for cleaning a studio apartment. The steam and drying function is well put together. So much so that it comes with its own soap detergent to leave your carpet fresh and brand new.

Final Thoughts

If your home has more than a few rugs in the living room, bedroom, or passageway. Or if your home is home to wall-to-wall carpeting. Then what you need is a carpet cleaner to take care of them.

What you need is a solid and fantastic carpet cleaner. Like the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Carpet Cleaner. It meets all your carpet cleaning needs. Even the ones you didn’t know you had! It can clean all carpet surfaces – deep, dense, with long fibers.

No chance cleaning thick carpets with a plastic broom is going to help you keep them clean. It can make things much difficult. So to make things easier on you and to keep your home protected, consider buying this.

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